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mini drama

May 20, 2011

The Actresses :

  1. Atika Listya                play as a Tourist
  2. Nuri Adlina                 play as a Receptionist
  3. Zahra Dertina E.         play as a Guide 1
  4. Nina Fitria                   play as a Seller 1
  5. Raulan Khalida           play as a Guide 2
  6. Ulva Ulul Azmi           play as a Seller 2

Scene 1

One day in a well known UG Tour and Travel, there is a beautiful tourist from Australia. She’s planning to have a tour and a guide from UG Tour and Travel. Let’s the story begin.

Receptionist    : ” Good morning. I’m Nuri Adlina, May I help you?”

Tourist             : “Good  morning.  I’m  on vacation  here  for  three  days. I  need  a tour guide to                                     accompany me to travel around Jogja”.

Receptionist    : “Okey. First, What’s your name?”

Tourist             : “My name is Naura Spencer”

Receptionist    : “Miss  Spencer. Here you can choose the travel package. I offer you to choose this                      one, Borobudur Tour”.

Tourist             : “Can you explain about it?”

Receptionist    : “Here  you  can  go  to  Borobudur   Temple,   Keraton   Palace   and   Malioboro                         Market”.

Tourist             : “Ooh I’d love it. I’ll choose this one!”

Receptionist    : “Now wait a minute, I’ll call the guide for you”

Nuri the receptionist go into a room to call the guide and she come back with the guide beside her.

Receptionist    : “Miss Spencer, This is your guide Zahra”

Guide 1           : “Good morning Miss Spencer”

Tourist             : “Good morning. Nice to meet you”

Guide 1           : “Nice to meet you too. I wish you can enjoy your trip”

Miss Spencer and Zahra go to the Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Hotel & Resort .  After Miss Spencer take a rest and had a lunch together, they start visiting Borobudur Temple.

Scene 2

At the Borobodur Temple Zahra the guide, starts to explain about Borobudur Temple while Miss Spencer the tourist enjoy seeing the temple and statues at the Borobudur Temple.

Guide 1           :”Borobodur  Temple  is  the biggest Budhist Temple on earth. Borobudur located                         about  42  km from Yogyakarta. This temple was built between 750-850 BC, it’s a                         masterpiece of the Wangsa Sailendra workers”

Tourist             :”Wow. Borobudur was built in 750 BC.”

Guide 1           “Yup”

Tourist             :”What  a  gorgeous  temple.  Could you  please take a picture of me at Borobudur                         Temple Zahra. I have to document it”

Guide 1           :”Okay”

When Miss Spencer and Zahra finished they tour at Borobudur Temple, they go to the local souvenir store.

Seller 1            :”Miss, souvenir….. souvenir!”

Tourist             :”Hey Zahra, teach me how to speak Bahasa. I wanna say “How much is it?” ”.

Guide 1           :”Oh, you can say “Ini berapa?””.

Tourist             :”Okay, Ini berapa?”

Seller 1            :”Sepuluh ribu”

Tourist             :”What? Se..pu..luh… ribu??? What is it Zahra?”

Guide 1           :”Hahahaha. Sepuluh ribu means Ten Thousand Rupiahs”.

Tourist             :”I take this one”

Seller 1            :”You want this one? Buy again, for your family. Cheap cheap!”

Tourist             :”Ow Really cheap? Hey, you can speak English too”.

Seller 1            :”Yes, little bit”

Tourist             :”Hmm….. This……This….. How much does all of this cost?”

Seller 1            :”Fifty Thousand Rupiahs”

Tourist             :”Here it is. Thank you”

Seller 1            :”You’re welcome. Thank you”

Scene 3

After visiting Borobudur Temple, Miss Spencer went back to the Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Hotel & Resort. She said thank to Zahra for accompanied her. The next day, Miss Spencer is going to visit Ngayogyakarta Kraton. At the Ngayogyakarta Kraton, Miss Spencer and Zahra meet with the second Guide from the Ngayogyakarta Kraton.

Guide 2           :”Excuse   me, First   before you  enter the Ngayogyakarta Kraton, you must dress                         properly by wearing Kebaya. That’s the rule”

Tourist             :”But I don’t have any Kebaya”

Guide 1           :”It’s ok, they have many. We can borrow from them”

Guide 2           :”Follow me Miss”

Tourist             “Ok”

After they finish change their cloths, they prepare to enter the Keraton Temple.

Tourist             :”Can I take a picture at Ngayogyakarta Kraton?”

Guide 2           :”Sorry, you don’t allow”

Tourist             :”Hmm to bad”

Guide 1           :”Palace  is  now  also  one tourist attraction in the city of Yogyakarta. Part of the                          palace  complex  is  a  museum  that  holds  various  collections  belonging  to the                           empire.  Including a variety of gifts from the kings of Europe, a replica of heritage              palace, and gamelan.”

Guide 2           :”Although   the   empire   officially   has   become   part   of   the     Republic    of                         Indonesia  in   1950, this palace building complex still serves as a residence sultan              and his court of household who are still running the imperial tradition until today.

Miss Spencer really enjoyed the Ngayogyakarta Kraton tour. Although she felt a little bit disappointed because she couldn’t take a picture there, but overall the Ngayogyakarta Kraton Tour is awesome.

Scene 4

Her last day in Jogja, as she’d planned. She’s going to be a shopaholic at Malioboro Market. She’s already made a list what things she should buy for her family and friends.

Guide 1          :”What  are  you  going  to  buy?  There  are many sellers here. You can buy many              traditional things”

Tourist             :”Oh do you know Batik? Yes. Good, I want to buy it”

Guide 1           :”Okay, let me show you”

At the Batik Store, Miss Spencer busy for hunting the Batik. One of the shop keepers approach her.

Seller 2            :”Miss, can I help you?”

Tourist             :”Yeah, please show me a several Batik for man and woman”

Seller 2            :”Right… What about you buy one pack Miss? There are Twelve pieces of                                      clothes”

Tourist             :”Perfect. Give me one pack please”

Seller 2            :”Here they are. Thank you.”

After Miss Spencer finished shopping, she go back to Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Hotel & Resort. There, she prepares to pack her luggage and go home to Australia. She has taken a three days vacation on Jogja. She was happy that the vacation was going well and really enjoyed her vacation there. She hardly cannot wait to visit Indonesia again.

raulan khalida= 15610680


Nama Kelompok:

1. Atika Listya                                    19610232

2. Nina Fitria                           14610994

3. Nuri Adlina                         15610168

4. Raulan Khalida                   15610680

5. Ulva Ulul Azmi                   18610321

6. Zahra Dertina E                  18610815

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